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Trips from Bibione to Verona and Sirmione

Verona: city of art, love and music

An outstanding example of a fortified city

One of the most loved and admired cities in the world is just a few hours’ drive from Bibione. A day trip to admire a splendid city rich in history, poetry, art, culture so as not to forget Romeo & Juliet.

How to get:

Verona is 215km from Bibione, easily reachable via the A4 motorway. The cost is €35 each way, including petrol and motorway tolls. Once you arrive in Verona you can go directly to the historic center where there are numerous car parks where you can leave your car.
The train is an optimal alternative for those who do not want to travel by car. The journey takes just over 2 hours at a cost of around €13 each way. All trains arrive at Verona Porta Nuova station which is a 15-minute walk from Piazza Bra (the square where the arena is located). Also from the station there are countless lines that lead to the center: 11, 12, 13, 51, 52 for a cost of €1.30
One final way to see this magnificent city is on a guided tour. Departing from Bibione, arriving in Verona after about 2 hours and visiting the major attractions of the city (Piazza Bra, the amphitheater, the Palazzo dei Signori with the Loggia, the Reggia degli Scala, the Scaliger arches and Juliet's house) . Then, on the way back, a dutiful stop in one of the most magnificent cities of Lake Garda, Sirmione. Here there will be the possibility to visit the castle, the caves of Catullus, the historic Roman center and of course a walk along the suggestive lakeside.

Getting around the city:

The best way we recommend is to discover the city on foot. The major attractions of Verona are within easy reach of each other.
Verona has a bicycle rental system in the city. Registration costs €2 per day, and is free for 30 minutes, then costs 50c. Registration can be done online here.

What see:

  • The arena: a huge and spectacular Roman amphitheater, symbol of the city. It is the third largest amphitheater in the world built in 1 AD. Outside the opera season, the arena can be visited during the day.
  • Ponte Pietra: suggestive bridge over the Adige, the only remaining bridge from the Roman era Juliet's house: a stone's throw from Piazza delle Erbe is the famous balcony which is supposed to have inspired Shakespeare in Romeo and Juliet.
  • Duomo di Verona: A few steps away from the stone bridge stands the cathedral of Verona or rather the cathedral of Santa Maria Matricolare. Church of Roman architecture with great artistic and historical charm. Inside you can admire the imposing naves and evocative frescoes.
  • Basilica San Zeno Maggiore: Just over 10 minutes from the Castelvecchio is one of the best masterpieces of Italian romanticism. The church contains numerous frescoes and works of art such as the San Zeno altarpiece by Andrea Mantegna.
  • Church of Sant'Anastasia: Imposing church located in the historic centre, a stone's throw from the Adige and the stone bridge.
  • Castelvecchio: A magnificent 14th century red brick castle rises along the banks of the Adige river. Inside the main building is the seat of the art museum containing numerous collections, paintings and Renaissance sculptures. In addition to the castle, we recommend visiting the bridge which offers a wonderful view of the river.
  • Castel San Pietro: for those who love the view and don't despise healthy and beautiful walks, we recommend a visit to Castel San Pietro. With a breathtaking view of the Adige bend and the entire historic center of Verona, it is one of the most romantic and evocative destinations in the city
  • Piazza delle Erbe: once the site of the Roman Forum, it is still one of the most evocative and most visited spots in the city. The oldest monument is the fountain surmounted by the statue of the Madonna Verona.
  • Piazza Bra: is the largest square in Verona located in the heart of the historic centre. In addition to the magnificent arena, the Barbieri palace, the Gran Guardia, a walk along the Liston palaces is recommended.
  • Piazza dei Signori: also known as Piazza Dante, and located in the historic centre. Square that absolutely deserves a visit, with numerous palaces including the Palazzo della Ragione, Palazzo Cansignorio, Church of Santa Maria, Palazzo del Podesta…

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