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Visit Valgrande Bibione

A beautiful nature reserve

Valleys and paths to be discovered

Few people know that Bibione, in addition to a golden beach and a cobalt-colored sea, has a splendid nature reserve of over 360 hectares in a lagoon-type habitat, the Valgrande.

Valgrande is a universe of valleys and paths waiting to be discovered, with numerous animal species, secular trees, remains of ancient civilizations which have made this place special over the centuries.

The beauty of Valgrande can be admired from both land and water. From the classic walk (free walking/Nordic walking) to cycling, horse riding but also across the water in a kayak or boat.
Kayaking is a very suggestive way to visit the lagoon, with trips starting from the port of Baseleghe for about 2 hours through the canals of the valley up to the splendid internal lagoon.

Cost: €15.00
When: Friday
Where: Havana restaurant - 10 am
Get ready to discover paths that lead to the heart of the valley with a scent of mint and wild rocket that is released during the summer. During the excursion you will visit the Mutteron dei Frati, the ancient anthill, the lake and you will have the opportunity to see many local animals including flamingos, herons, ponies, goats and ducks.

Mutteron dei Frati
Protected by a thick vegetation of holm oaks over 150 years old are the traces of a seaside villa from the 4th century after Christ. It is assumed that the villa was used for the storage of foodstuffs, especially shellfish and fish. This is the only find that demonstrates the passage of the ancient Romans in the Bibione area.

Cost: €5.00
When: Thursday
Where: Havana restaurant - 10 am
Path through the wonderful woods of the valley, among ancient holm oaks and pristine pine forests up to the edge of the lagoon to admire the animals in their natural habitat. Upon return, a short refreshment at the ancient Casone.

Cost: €10.00
When: Saturday – Sunday – Monday
Where: Havana restaurant at 10
The valley can be visited aboard small motor boats that allow you to reach the most unexpected corners of the valley. The excursions are conducted by a guide who will allow you to steer the boat and then return to the old farmhouse for a small refreshment.

Cost: €15.00
When: Tuesday
Where: Havana restaurant at 10
Wait for dawn by boat in the middle of the lagoon, accompanied by the head of the valley. An unforgettable experience suitable for true nature lovers who want to hear the sound of the awakening day. Upon return, breakfast in Casone with natural products from the Valley.

Cost: €20.00
When: Wednesday
Where: Havana restaurant at 5:00
One of the favorite excursions, especially for the little ones, are horseback riding on the paths of the Valgrande. The outing is recommended for everyone, even for those who have never ridden on horseback.

Cost: €25.00
When: Tuesday, Thursday
Where: Valgrande Equestrian Center - 10 am
The valley can also be discovered for all those who cannot travel long distances. In fact there are marked paths where you can circulate safely on board electric vehicles in order to enjoy nature while respecting it.

Cost: €15.00
When: Monday - 4.00 pm
Where: Havana restaurant
First of all, Valgrande is an immense fishing reserve where you can fish for sea bass, sea bream and mullet.

Cost: €20.00
When: Monday (2.00 pm), Thursday (10.00 am)
Where: Havana restaurant

All excursions by reservation only and in limited numbers.
For information and reservations:

Phone +39 349 2448544
Via Baseleghe 4 – 30028 Bibione (VE)

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